App and Features
Which cloud storage provider does the app support? #

The app utilizes the mobile operating system to synchronize your data file. This generally involves installing and configuring the appropriate third-party app for cloud storage services.

Users report success with iCloud, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

See Apple help on how to Use third-party cloud apps in the Files app. The gist is:

  • Install the desired third-party cloud app.
  • Open the "Files" app and tap "Browse".
  • Select "more" (the three dots), then "Edit".
  • Enable the chosen cloud service provider.

Users report success with Google Drive and OneDrive.

Install third-party apps that are supported by Android File Manager.

Does the app support the Synology Drive? #

Yes. On Android, users have reported success using Synology Drive by following these steps:

  • Create a folder on your smartphone.
  • Use the Synology App and the "Drive" app to set up synchronization between your NAS and the smartphone folder.
  • Open the file from the smartphone folder within the app.
Which providers for historical prices are supported? #

The app uses your configuration to fetch historical prices for each security. Currently supported sources include Portfolio Report, Yahoo Finance and Yahoo Finance Adjusted, HTML (tables on websites), JSON, Coingecko, and the Harmonised Indices of Consumer Prices (HICP) from Eurostat.

Other providers are not yet supported, specifically, configurations for "latest prices" are not utilized. If you need support for a specific provider, please let me know.

Which dashboard widgets are available? #

The app currently supports 36 of the 48 widgets available in the desktop version. This selection includes popular widgets for earnings, various heat maps, and charts.

Widgets not supported (yet) include Ratio, Maximum Drawdown, Maximum Drawdown Duration, Volatility, Semivolatility, as well as widgets for Trades (average holding period, portfolio turnover ratio), portfolio tax rate, portfolio fee rate, securities with limits exceeded or under follow-up, and distance from All-Time High (ATH).

Which devices are supported? #

The app is compatible with iOS 12 and Android 7 (Nougat) and higher. However, the key factor is ensuring your device can handle your data file. Larger data files with more complex calculations may require a more powerful device. We recommend trying the app with your data file first. Many features are readily available, and there's a generous trial period for the dashboards.

Stores and Subscriptions
Why is the app not available in my country? #

Different countries have varying regulatory requirements. For instance, France necessitates approval from the French administration, prompting us to initially release the app in European countries. If the app isn't available in your country, please email me with your app store (Apple, Play Store) and country details, and I'll explore the possibility of making the app available there.

Why is the app not available in France? #

The app includes a crypto library to decrypt the portfolio file. As a result, it requires approval from the French administration. Once approval is granted, I plan to make the app available in the French app stores as well.

I would like to cancel my purchase. #

No problem! Here's how to request refunds for App Store or Google Play Store apps.

When convenient, could you kindly send a brief email to with your feedback on what aspects you found unsatisfactory? I appreciate your input. Thank you!

I re-installed Portfolio Performance. How do I restore my subscription? #

Open your file, select the main menu in the top right corner, and tap Premium, then tap the Restore Previous Purchase button.

I contribute to the open source project. Can I get a free subscription? #

Yes. If you contribute to Portfolio Performance in any way (whether through source code, translations, documentation, testing, or in the forum), then you can get a one-year subscription for free. Send me an email at with your GitHub, POEditor, or forum username, and the User Id from the diagnostics page.

I got a Premium code, how to redeem it? #

Moodistory has a great simple guide.

Please follow it, then open Portfolio Peformance on your phone, open the Premium page, and tap the Restore Previous Purchase button.

Follow the steps to subscribe an app with a promo code.

The summary:

  • Open the Play Store app, then open your profile
  • Tap Payments & subscriptions and then Redeem gift code
  • Open the Portfolio Performance app, then open a file, then pick a subscription
  • Check your cart to confirm that your purchase uses the promo code, e.g. check the trial period
Where do I find the user ID to troubleshoot subscription issues? #

The user ID is a unique identifier for your app installation. It's used to troubleshoot subscription issues.

  • Open any file.
  • Open the main menu by tapping the top left hamburger icon.
  • Tap About Portfolio Performance.
  • Tap Diagnostics.

You can copy the identifer to the clipboard by tapping on the user ID. Tap Send Diagnostics to have the app open a draft email.


Feel free to contact me with any questions!